The Evolution of Our CrimsonBikes Logo

CrimsonBikes has gone through many stages and merges in its development for the June 27 program launch, and so has its logo! We started as Lev Bikes, and then merged with VeriFast Cycles to become CrimsonBikes. During the process, we deliberated over many logos that tried to integrate a bike with the C and B (or any other letter) of CrimsonBikes. This was tough to do without looking noisy or forced while being clever at the same time. We also wanted to stem away from LevBikes and VeriFast Cycles create a new cool identity that more or less appealed to the entire Harvard community.

Check out all of our past logos that helped create the current logo!

1. The Good Old Original

These photos are from what the program originally started out as: LevBikes. The logos integrated Leverett House’s colors (green and yellow, duh) into them to make the program unique to the house.

2. The Copy Cat

As you can see, this logo looks a little too much like the already existing MetroBike logo. Even though this integrated the letter with a bike frame, it was too much of a copy cat to be used.


3. The WTF Wheel Force With a Retro Twist to Follow Continue reading


The Summer Semester is Coming!

Hey everyone! We hope you’re getting as excited for the summer semester as we are. We just wanted to give you a sense of what we’re all about, and what we’ve been up to leading up to the start of the CrimsonBikes season, so thanks for reading.

It’s been a crazy week – transporting bikes, receiving our hot new t-shirts, and getting all of the final pieces into place before we release our fleet to the masses. We’re coordinating with Quadbikes, readying the racks with our red logos, and getting pumped for the first wave of members.

Not only are the happenings of CrimsonBikes heating up, but there are adventures a-brewing among the ranks of our team: cheer on our mechanics as they train for the crew team World Championships! Double-sessions every day make it challenging for them to invent a dog-days summer, but between fixing our bikes and swinging their oars, they are using all of their muscles to have a good time.

Stay tuned, we will keep you posted on all the juicy details of our enterprise!