Testimonial from a Happy Biker!

Hi Everyone,

As a member of the CrimsonBikes Team, I might be a little biased about the value of our bikes. HOWEVER, I thought I would do a testimonial nonetheless for the sake of illustrating how much of a difference having a bike to ride can make for you over the course of the day (in small ways or big), because up until this week, I had not actually taken advantage of the rental service myself. And now that I have…I don’t know how I have gone without a bike for so long!! I can leave my apartment in Somerville almost 15 minutes later than if I were walking to work; I clear my head on the streets as I am riding along; and my stress is reduced simply by knowing that a trusty bike is waiting for me outside, locked to a post, ready to take me wherever I need to go. Continue reading


Bikes in the News!

We take great pride in the idea that bikes are the future of transportation…and here are a few more examples of how bikes are changing the world in different places!

1. Biking and Feminism

This amazing bike engineer believes that bikes should be more than just objects of transportation…bikes should be objects of love, too, and they should love you back – even if you’re a woman. Natalie, a former architect from Portland, spends her days crafting and building thoughtful, pretty, painstakingly-tailored, bicycles, and her products’ popularity is evidenced by a wait list of almost three years! Her beautiful bike photographs, business philosophy, and ordering process can be seen here at her website:  http://www.sweetpeabicycles.com/. For both men and women who have struggled to find a bike that fits their body precisely, Natalie seeks to level the playing field through her high-tech customization. I remember how much I used to love speeding down the street as a kid, and because of the almost edible deliciousness of her designs, this website brought me back to that time of innocent exhilaration…

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It’s the first week of our launch, and we are excited to see so many new faces! Bikes are already being checked out, used, and appreciated for the special machines they really are, so be sure to be the next rider in line. Whether we saw you at the Summer School activities fair or out on the street: nice to meet you!

And  just to clear up some confusion, in case you are a new or prospective member: please note that our office will be staffed everyday to be at your service. You can reserve a bike immediately, even if your payment is still being processed – simply go to the Leverett House location in person, and we will complete the check-out for you there. We’ll keep you posted on when the website will be live to take your reservations online, and apologize for any inconvenience in the meantime.

Congratulations to our Champion Mechanics!

Exciting news: our very own brave bike mechanics — Mike Wales, Alex Newell, Erich Schultz, and Matt O’leary — just qualified for the U23 World Championships in Men’s Lightweight rowing!!! They’ve been training hard all year, so it is finally starting to pay off, as demonstrated by their incredible performance in New Jersey this past weekend. Check out their blog here to hear more about the win, become exposed to strange rowing jargon, laugh uproariously, and learn all about their favorite low-calorie snacks.