CB to Manage Harvard’s DBP?

In talking with CommuterChoice, one of CB’s biggest fans among Harvard brass, we’ve floated the idea (a few times) of potentially taking on the Departmental Bike Program at Harvard. It’s a program that has the potential for a lot of impact (30+ bikes for faculty and staff use), but because of several reasons, doesn’t get used nearly as much as some would like to see.

CB running the Departmental Bike Program makes perfect sense for both sides. Harvard would get a dedicated online system, standalone technology to manage use, and on-site support – not to mention the backing of the most efficient bike sharing program in the country. At the same time, CB would be able to move closer to its ultimate goal to build a truly integrated campus bike share that equally serves students, faculty and staff.

The discussions are still in their infancy, but this could be a major game changer. On an interesting note, the addition of the DBP would make CB the largest university bike share in the US!