Presentations to Remember (and Forget)

It’s been a busy week for CrimsonBikes. We’ve been at work on our presentation for the past week and finally got a chance to present today. It’s been a fun road since yours truly was tasked with presenting. Don’t get me wrong, I love nothing more than getting up in front of a bunch of people and talking about CB. The problem was the 5 minute limit to speak to the finer points of CB, our mission and our vision. You’d be surprised at how hard that is. Being the founder of this program, I know and am invested in every single detail of it. Trying to condense its best attributes into short talking points is like a parent singling out their “favorite” child.

What I chose to do: instead of talking about the most imporatant ideas of CrimsonBikes, talk about the biggest ideas and visions that we have for the future.
That centered around the fact that CrimsonBikes has developed the world’s only self-sustaining bike sharing model and our ambition to build a network of bike shares on campuses and in communities across the country. Continue reading


CrimsonBikes in i3

Somewhat on a whim, three weeks ago. we threw together a last-minute application in the i3 competition. Given the timing, we didn’t expect much outside of some constructive feedback. However, it looks like we swung much better than that. I got the following email yesterday.


Out of 84 candidates, CB is one of 8 semifinalists for the HSA Award. We will be making a presentation later this month. Stay tuned!