New Bikes For Sale!

SE DRAFT $265 (Retail $299)

White. Frame Sizes: 47cm, 49cm, 52cm, 54cm

SE DRAFT LITE $285 (Retail $329)

Grey/Purple. Frame Sizes: 52cm, 54cm

Torker U-District $299 (Retail $369)

Blue. Frame Sizes: 48cm(2), 50cm, 52cm, 56cm

Grey 44cm Frame

JAMIS BEATNIK $350 (Retail $425)

Black. Frame sizes: 47cm, 57cm

SE LAGER $365 (Retail $419)

Silver/Blue 47cm Frame


BLUE 54cm Frame


Gold 61cm Frame

FUJI NEVADA 4.0 $425 (Retail $529)

Black Frame sizes: small, medium

Blue. Frame Sizes: Large, XL

Fuji Nevada 5.0 $299 (Retail $359)

White medium/large Frame

Grey small/medium Frame


Red/Grey medium Frame

DIAMONDBACK INSIGHT $449 (Retail $500)

Grey. Frame sizes: medium, mediuim/large

FUJI ABSOLUTE $399 (Retail $479)

Black Medium Frame

JAMIS CODA SPORT $449 (Retail $560)

Red. Frame Sizes: medium, large

JAMIS HUDSON $375 (Retail $430)

Black medium/large Frame

JAMIS ALLEGRO $449 (Retail $635)

Silver small/medium frame

FUJI SUNFIRE 3.0 $375 (Retail $500)

Silver. Frame sizes: small/meduim, large


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