Sneak Peek at CB’s New Tech

Over the last two months, our engineering team has worked¬†tirelessly¬†to develop the next generation of CrimsonBikes technology. In the very near future, we’ll be rolling out a brand-new website and upgrades to our station kiosks that will significantly improve the checkout process. Sure I could describe it, but pictures are just so much more fun.


CB 2.0 will include a lot of cool things that we have wanted to do for a while but have been limited by our previous site. Now, you’ll be able to rate bikes, refer friends, link up with other members on rides, and provide instant feedback. These features will not only help to help us to make CB a better program, they will give you points towards extended checkout times, free memberships, CB swag and biking accessories. Plus the new site is extremely mobile friendly and will be capable of managing one way trips (more on that in a few months).



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