Sneak Peek at CB’s New Tech

Over the last two months, our engineering team has worked tirelessly to develop the next generation of CrimsonBikes technology. In the very near future, we’ll be rolling out a brand-new website and upgrades to our station kiosks that will significantly improve the checkout process. Sure I could describe it, but pictures are just so much more fun.


CB 2.0 will include a lot of cool things that we have wanted to do for a while but have been limited by our previous site. Now, you’ll be able to rate bikes, refer friends, link up with other members on rides, and provide instant feedback. These features will not only help to help us to make CB a better program, they will give you points towards extended checkout times, free memberships, CB swag and biking accessories. Plus the new site is extremely mobile friendly and will be capable of managing one way trips (more on that in a few months).



reservation page



Yes, having to remember a four digit code to get a key to your bike is… annoying. Inputting the wrong code or having to call to get the right code: down right frustrating. We have heard your feedback from day one and I think everyone will be pleased with the solution. Our new station kiosk will keep the current key cabinet but rather than enter a code, you will need only swipe your ID card for access to the cabinet. What’s more, with the new touchscreen kiosk, you won’t even need your computer to make a reservation, you can do it all right there at the kiosk. What’s that? Instant reservations? Yeah!

Station Kiosk Enclosure Model

Enclosure Model

This is approximately what the new additions to the key cabinets will look like.

App Home Screen


This is what you’ll see when you first arrive. Even if you don’t have your ID card, you can still make a reservation.

App Registration Screen

3-Bad ID

Yes, even registration is possible from the kiosk.

App Wrong Location


If you make a reservation and go to the wrong location, it tells you where you need to go and when

App Wrong Time


For the early birds, the new system will grant you access to the key cabinet within 15 minutes of your reservation, but not before.

App Reservation Confirmation


The app will confirm your reservation, including the bike you reserved and the time for which you have it.

App Return 


Very quick way to provide instant feedback about the bike. Was it fantastic? Should we get more? Is it terrible or broken? This will give us real time data about the fleet and help to keep good quality bikes available for reservation.

Enclosure Prototype 1



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