First Custom CrimsonBike

When we first started CrimsonBikes, refurbishing used bikes for the fleet was a necessity. Limited funds combined with an excess supply of  abandoned bikes (Harvard tosses as much as 300 a year), made the choice pretty attractive. After a while, the idea of good bikes being reused and used efficiently just made too much sense. As I said in our video, we get to prevent  waste while giving people a great service. Plus we can invest more time and energy and money into running a community-focused program. As time has gone on, we have become better at refurbishing bikes and making them not only functional, but pretty as well. This time, I think we might have outdone ourselves.

For a couple of years, I have been toying around with the idea of repainting the bikes we use in the fleet. For several reasons, up until now, this just hasn’t been feasible. But recently with the help of a Somerville artisan who loves what we do, we will likely be customizing and repainting the entire fleet and all the new bikes we refurbish in the future. On Friday, I picked up the first of the lot . Eye candy below.

So when we get a bike repainted, we have to first strip it down to just the frame. This is what it looks like when we get it back and apply the decal lettering.

2013-06-14 22.16.13

A closeup on the decal lettering.

2013-06-14 22.16.18

The finished product after we rebuilt it. (Yes, we got kind of fancy with the red cranks)

2013-06-15 00.30.30

Another shot of the bike. Cool fact, the guy who’s kinda in the picture, is my ex-roommate Dan Lorenzana who was in town for the day. He helped put this beauty together. Which is awesome and kinda fitting since Dan is the person responsible for getting me into biking and bike repair. Without him, there would have been no CrimsonBikes. 🙂

2013-06-15 00.30.11

The Before and After photos.

2013-06-15 01.38.35

2013-06-15 00.38.56